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Building ServicesEvery property must be maintained properly to ensure smooth operation, happy occupants and a healthy bottom line. Without regular maintenance, facilities run the risk of breakdowns, downtime and unexpected costs. Preventive maintenance with McKenney’s, Inc. Building Services eliminates potential problems before they happen, offering an affordable, predictable way for building managers to ensure the health of mechanical systems for the life of the facility.


Building Services Competitive Advantages

With more than 35 years of experience in mechanical systems, McKenney’s delivers responsive, innovative, value-added building services that exceed expectations. The benefits are significant and measurable.

Prepared & Equipped

McKenney’s technicians are equipped with the right tools on every service call to get the job done right the first time.

Responsive & On-Time

Whenever possible, their technicians are onsite the same day that the service request is received.

Fully Trained & Knowledgeable

Their technicians are trained in many different brands and platforms and are backed by a team of experts to ensure that they meet customer’s unique needs.

Reliable & Safe

The majority of all preventative maintenance calls that they perform are completed without a callback.


Reliable and in-depth Services

As a single-source provider for mechanical systems, McKenney’s Building Services can handle everything from design/assist and design/build to construction, service and preventive maintenance for all building systems. Core offerings include:

HVAC Services

Extend the life of key mechanical equipment. McKenney’s helps customers proactively manage HVAC and control systems to enhance performance, minimize downtime and reduce operating costs. Their experienced team of project managers and service technicians work together to provide the best solution whether it’s a HVAC system repair, chiller rebuild, controls retrofit or more.

Plumbing Services

McKenney’s has added plumbing and hydrojetting services to its wide range of personalized, full- service capabilities. Now all plumbing, HVAC and maintenance needs are covered with a single phone call.

Automation & Controls

Their team of automation and control experts offers integrated services and solutions—including building automation and controls, card access, security, video surveillance, lighting control and more—for optimal comfort, energy efficiency and cost savings. They also offer their innovative bdoc® Business Intelligence for Buildings™ interface so customers can access critical information easily and make better, more informed building management decisions.

Security Systems

McKenney’s team of security system experts offer a wide range of customizable solutions to fortify security while simplifying management. Their experienced technicians and security professionals work closely with customers to assess existing systems and applications and provide strategic recommendations to improve performance.


Choose McKenney’s and keep facilities running smoothly

The best way to solve problems is to prevent them. They offer the expertise and resources to deliver proactive, innovative services to ensure that systems run longer, more efficiently and more reliably. McKenney’s has helped a wide range of unique customers manage their mechanical systems, automation and controls, energy-related initiatives, and more to create reliable, flexible and sustainable environments. To learn more, please visit


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