Expert Planning Overcomes Weather Delays

Expert-Planning-Overcomes-Weather-DelaysMcKenney’s installed a full-service HVAC system at Polk Medical Center, a new greenfield critical care facility built in Cedartown, Georgia.


The Challenge

Cold, wet winter weather posed significant challenges for installing the facility’s roof and subsequent interior HVAC rough-ins. The roof required certain temperatures before it could be installed, which in turn delayed the installation of interior ductwork and piping. With no flexibility in the predetermined completion date, McKenney’s was forced to adjust its schedule to meet the owner’s requirements.


The Solution

The team overcame schedule fluctuations through extensive planning, collaboration and expert logistics. With the aid of Trimble GPS technologies, the team planned and sequenced all work with the general contractor and other trade subcontractors to complete the rough-in as quickly as possible. They prefabricated HVAC system materials and coordinated their delivery based on the shifting roof installation schedule.


The Results

McKenney’s completed the HVAC installation on time—despite the domino effect created by inclement weather—which helped the medical center open its doors ahead of the original schedule.


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