Fast Tracking Office Renovations

Commercial OfficesMcKenney’s completed an interior renovation on an upper floor of a commercial office tower in Atlanta, Georgia.


The Challenge

The team needed to renovate the HVAC system and make an existing break room functional for a tenant of this high-rise office building. Work on the 6,300-square-foot space had to be completed on a very tight timeline, with no room for inspection delays, requiring meticulous management of all facets of the project.

The Solution

Having performed similar work in other occupied office buildings, McKenney’s was primed for this quick-turn project. The team rebuilt and replaced existing ductwork and diffusers. Then, ductwork, air distribution and three variable air volume (VAV) systems were installed. To renovate the break room, the team demolished the existing sink and water heater, and then installed new fixtures.


The Results

The McKenney’s team, dedicated to working in occupied office environments, delivered on time and on budget. The tenant’s employees now have a comfortable, properly regulated working environment along with a new, fully functional break room.


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