Designing Alternatives for Uptime

Designing-Alternatives-for-UptimeCheck out one of how one of our teams provided critical services that enabled HVAC systems to remain online during a chiller plant renovation for the commercial office in Atlanta, Georgia.


The Challenge

The McKenney’s team needed to ensure optimal uptime of an HVAC chilled water system as old equipment was removed and new chillers and pumps were installed. Also, the plant’s layout did not allow removal and installation of the equipment intact— requiring demolition of several concrete walls, doorways and a rest room.


The Solution

The original engineering design would have cause a prolonged shutdown of the HVAC system. McKenney’s design/assist services recommended an alternative. Instead, the team used alternate pumps and chiller piping configurations to maintain 800 tons of cooling operation at all times during the renovation. To overcome facility space limitations, existing systems were dismantled and removed, and new chillers were disassembled and then reassembled in the plant’s mechanical room.


The Results

The project was completed safely, on time and on budget with just one eight-hour HVAC outage to complete the chiller installation.


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