Safety Tips for the Construction Site

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For this month’s Safety Blog, we are going to highlight 6 Top Construction Site Safety Tips for employers and workers on the job to consider.  While all of these should already be an active part of your safety program, it is good to be reminded and to keep these tips top of mind.

Erasing Safety Myths

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Recently, I came across a blog in the American Society of Safety Engineers website that addressed countering safety myths posted by David Castella, VP of strategic accounts for ProcessMAP. I have extracted some of the content and reprinted in this blog as his message is relevant in the Southeast construction industry due to its fast pace, volume of work and … Read More

McKenney’s is Moving Fleet Safety Forward!

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This month in safety we will elaborate on the state of Fleet Safety in our industry, the impact of accidents to our business and our employees, and highlight the technological advances that will improve how we move our products and people safely on our roads and highways.

Our Journey Toward a Zero-Incident Culture

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Moving Safety Forward: Our Journey Toward a Zero-Incident Culture   WHY Safety is our most important core value at McKenney’s. Our goal each and every year is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and our customers. Our commitment to this goal is summed up by this Safety Mission: Build a partnership with our employees, customers, … Read More

Keeping Each Other Safe

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The month of June has been designated as “National Safety Month” by the National Safety Council ( At McKenney’s, we take this opportunity to raise awareness of what it takes to Keep Each Other Safe. Our focus: Reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road, and in our communities.

Introducing our Moving Safety Forward Brand!

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At McKenney’s we are continuously working to improve safety to ensure that we’re sending our employees home safely every day.   With the launch of our Moving Safety Forward brand, we are giving a face to our steadfast commitment to safety.  

McKenney’s 2017 Safety Day

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This May, we conducted our first Safety Day in 2017. This half-day, interactive training session focused on building leadership skills within the ranks of Atlanta foremen. The goal of this event was to provide these foremen with informative and structured training on: Planning Scheduling How-to-train techniques 5S Behavior-based safety programs