Video Pipe Inspections Identify Plumbing Problems



Plumbers use video pipe inspections to take the guesswork out of locating a plumbing problem. Inspections are highly reliable and effective in finding both leaks and blockages without damaging the pipes. Tiny video cameras attached to flexible fiber optic scopes show the inside of the pipes in great detail and can even detect problems under the foundation or inside the walls that would otherwise be difficult to observe.

Detecting Leaks

Water leaks are not always obvious, but it is important to find them when they occur. An unrepaired leak just gets worse over time and may cause significant damage, including foundation issues. Additionally, water pressure may be affected, which can negatively impact a building’s fire protection system.  A bigger water bill may indicate higher than normal usage, pointing to a potential problem, but would not determine the source of the leak.  Often, the problem may be in a hard-to-detect spot such as behind a wall or under the slab. Video inspection cameras can help to pinpoint the exact location so that repairs can be made.

Pinpointing Clogs

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In addition to water leaks, a second common source of plumbing problems is a clogged pipe. Like leaks, clogs can also sometimes be hard to detect, but one indication of a problem is plumbing fixtures that drain slowly or have frequent backups. Commercial plumbing systems are more likely to clog than home plumbing systems, due to the large numbers of people that use them on a daily basis. Things are often disposed of improperly through the plumbing systems, including grease, hair, food particles, and soap scum. Grease can build up in the pipes, particularly in any building that has kitchen facilities. Pipes and sewer lines can also become obstructed from tree roots intruding into the system. Roots looking for moisture can actually crack pipes. Some clogs may require hydro jetting to remove blockages.

Hire a Professional

McKenney’s recommends that facilities managers be proactive and schedule an annual video inspection of their commercial sewer and storm drain lines. Potential issues can be identified, cleaned out, and repaired before they become major problems and disruptions. Many times a commercial plumber is called only after an issue arises, but it is usually easier and less expensive to resolve potential issues before they become emergencies.

McKenney’s Video Inspection Services are performed by our commercial plumbing service teams. Inspections provide a complete analysis of the drainage system, locate service lines, and identify current and potential problems. Our plumbing experts deliver fast, responsive, 24/7 emergency services to commercial clients. Contact us today to schedule service.

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