McKenney’s Provides Annual Backflow Testing

McKenney's backflow testing

McKenney's backflow testing

The water that flows into a commercial property from the main water supply line should only flow in one direction: inward.  Backflow prevention devices, such as vacuum breakers and dual check valves, keep the dirty water from flowing back into the main supply line and contaminating the clean water, making it hazardous to use.

What causes backflow?

Backflow often happens as a result of a drop in water pressure or a break in a water line.  If the backflow preventer fails to seal shut, water can flow in the wrong direction and enter the clean water line. The problem can occur at a cross-connection point, an arrangement of pipes or fittings that directly or indirectly connects the non-potable system to the potable water system.

Why is backflow dangerous?

Sanitary system pipeline in construction site building

Backflow allows harmful contaminants including chemicals, pesticides, and human waste to pollute the clean water line.  Bacteria from sewage contamination causes illnesses, and pesticides and other chemicals can cause serious health issues, including cancer, when consumed over an extended period.  Because plumbing systems often connect to one another, a single point of contamination could cause a public health crisis.  Properly functioning backflow prevention systems help ensure the safety of all our drinking water.

What is backflow testing?

Backflow testing of commercial properties is typically a mandatory annual requirement by cities, municipalities, or counties.  McKenney’s meets these local requirements for testing and inspections and sends comprehensive reports in compliance with city and county regulations.  If any backflow devices fail our inspection, our technicians will recommend the repairs or replacements that are necessary for compliance.

Some indications that a backflow incident has occurred are observable.  They include water that appears discolored, cloudy, oily, or foamy.  The water may have a strange odor or taste.  After any backflow incident, it is crucial to flush the water supply lines and disinfect any contaminated plumbing components.

McKenney’s Backflow Testing

McKenney’s technicians are backflow certified and commercial plumbing experts.  We are a full-service provider for all your plumbing needs.  McKenney’s plumbing services also include drain cleaning and jetting, lift station maintenance and repair, storm drain inspection and clean-up, sand trap clean-up, pressure washing, and video pipe inspection and locating services.  We offer commercial plumbing maintenance contracts, which allow us to catch small issues before they become bigger problems.  

Contact McKenney’s today to schedule your required annual backflow testing or for information about our plumbing maintenance contracts.


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