Three Key Reasons to Maintain Commercial Storm Drains

Storm drain

Storm drain

Storm drains are found in various areas on commercial and industrial properties.  They are connected to wastewater systems that carry away rainwater during heavy rains.  Property owners are responsible for maintaining the storm drains on their property.  McKenney’s recommends that storm drains be inspected and cleaned out at least once a year to prevent backups and other problems.  The following are three key reasons to keep storm drains well maintained.

Avoid Blockages

Water runoff carries with it trash, chemicals, and organic debris that can accumulate in storm drains.  While some debris can be removed manually, it’s best to call a professional plumbing contractor to flush out debris with high pressure water jets.  This removes decaying leaves, grass clippings, and sediment.  Pollutants such as pesticides, sludge, motor oil, grease, and antifreeze may have entered the storm drain from parking lot runoff.  These toxic materials need to be removed as well.  Over time, they may end up in nearby creeks and streams where they become a health hazard.

Prevent Flooding

Parking Lot Whirlpool

Blocked storm drains are often responsible for flooding.  An entire section of parking lot may become flooded and unusable.  An even bigger problem is when the flood water backs up into a building.  This may result in significant damage to the structure and its contents.  Wet drywall and carpeting can quickly mold, causing a health issue for building occupants.  Regular flood insurance may not cover this type of damage.  Special water backup coverage may cover the losses, unless it’s determined the damage was caused by neglect.

Avert Cave-ins and Sinkholes

A storm drain that is not functioning properly can cause a cave-in or sinkhole to develop.  This may actually occur right next to the clogged drain.  The ground or pavement around the area may sink, making a noticeable depression.  Further erosion may undermine sidewalks or areas of the parking lot.  It can also happen around catch basins where pipes enter the structure.  Cave-in or sinkhole repairs can be costly.  Since they generally happen on private property, municipalities are not responsible for these repairs.

Next Steps

Rain Water Puddles On Retail Shopping Parking Lot Access Road

Storm drains are often ignored until a problem arises that requires emergency service.  Trust McKenney’s commercial plumbing services for your property’s storm drain maintenance needs.  Our hydrovac trucks are equipped to handle storm drain clean outs, catch basin jetting, vault clean-up, and manhole maintenance.  McKenney’s is your single-source provider for your annual inspection, repair, and cleaning required by the City of Atlanta and other municipalities in the metro area.

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