Retrocommissioning at Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare faculity - Hospital ICU

Healthcare faculity - Hospital ICU

Mechanical systems are the real workhorses in large facilities.  They are in constant use and must be regularly maintained to prevent breakdowns.  Systems must operate at peak performance to provide healthy and safe environments for building occupants.  This is critical in healthcare environments and can be a challenge for facilities managers.

Purpose of Mechanical Systems

Properly functioning mechanical systems, particularly the HVAC systems, provide temperature control, ventilation, and humidity control.  Aging infrastructure can create problems for both staff and patients.  Indoor temperatures that are too hot or too cold affect the comfort level of building occupants.  Temperatures that are too warm allow bacteria to flourish.  Humidity levels that are too high allow mold and mildew to thrive.  Poor indoor air quality can contribute to health issues and negatively impact wellness outcomes.

Unfortunately, even mechanical systems that have been well maintained over the years will eventually need to be replaced.  This is also the time for facilities to invest in more energy efficient equipment.  The McKenney’s Retrocommissioning team can assist healthcare clients in maximizing the value of their investment and keep things running smoothly.  The team has the resources to conduct building analytics, provide energy modeling and testing, give engineering support, and implement the recommended solutions.

Unique Challenges

Surgeons in operating room at a healthcare facility

Healthcare facilities often present unique challenges when upgrading and retrofitting mechanical systems.  These systems may serve diverse areas including operating rooms, support areas, labs, patient rooms, and sometimes meal prep facilities.  Some of these areas are in constant use, so renovations have to be scheduled to minimize disruptions and without interfering with patient care.  Some prefabrication of piping and sheet metal may need to be performed offsite for faster turnaround onsite.  Schedules with contractors and subcontractors will need careful coordination as access to certain areas will be limited at times.  McKenney’s has the expertise to streamline the process and complete the project on time and on budget.

The McKenney’s team can identify and evaluate causes of operational deficiencies.  They will recommend strategies to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs.  McKenney’s has helped many healthcare clients improve their building performance as they embrace green building principles and environmental sustainability.  Additionally, McKenney’s can help clients work toward achieving LEED certification for their facility.  Eco-friendly initiatives can enhance a safe and healthy environment.

Solve Performance Challenges

McKenney’s can put your facility on the path to peak performance through comprehensive analysis, planning, and execution.  Choose McKenney’s Retrocommissioning services and let us help you keep your patients comfortable, protect your bottom line, and maximize the value of your investment.  Contact us today to get started.      

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