McKenney’s Hydro Excavating Services

McKenney's hydrovac truck

McKenney's hydrovac truck

McKenney’s fully equipped, state-of-the-art hydrovac trucks can provide a variety of essential services for clients.  Whether the job requires our excavating services and utility locating, or your facility needs routine storm drain maintenance ranging from stormwater detention vault clean up, catch basin jetting, and lift station maintenance, McKenney’s has a team of experts ready to deliver fast and dependable service.

Excavating services

Traditional excavation methods with backhoes and other heavy equipment are not very precise and can damage property and existing utilities.  Hydrovac excavation uses pressurized water to dig out and safely expose underground infrastructure or prepare a construction site for future work.  Hydro excavation is more precise, and not as much surrounding area is disturbed. McKenney’s hydrovac excavators are able to protect utilities and other infrastructure from costly damage.  The truck uses pressurized water to liquify the soil so that the resulting slurry can be extracted with a powerful vacuum and stored inside the hydrovac tank.

Other McKenney’s hydrovac services

Our hydrovac truck enables our plumbing experts to perform a wide range of services including utility locating, stormwater detention vault clean up, lift station maintenance, and catch basin jetting.  Problems in any of these areas can cause a failure of the system and lead to expensive repairs.

Utility Locating – At McKenney’s we are able to quickly identify utility pipes and lines for video inspection.  This allows for the removal of debris, grease, roots and organic material, and other clogs before they cause backups.

Stormwater Detention Vault clean up – Underground vaults that manage excess stormwater runoff should be periodically inspected for debris and flushed out.

Lift Station maintenance – Proper maintenance should include an annual cleaning to remove debris.  McKenney’s maintenance features an amp draw check on the equipment, control panel and float inspections, pump removal and inspection, and other routine maintenance tasks.

Catch Basin jetting – Catch basins tend to collect a lot of trash and organic debris that can cause clogging.  Debris and sludge should be cleaned out regularly to facilitate proper drainage.

McKenney’s recommendations

Our plumbing experts recommend an annual inspection for a commercial building’s sewer system and storm drain system.  These areas are an often overlooked part of a building’s plumbing since they are underground and not visible.  Delaying routine maintenance can be a costly mistake.  Many municipalities, including the City of Atlanta, require an annual inspection, and McKenney’s is certified to perform the work.

How McKenney’s can help

Trust McKenney’s to provide non-destructive hydro excavation services for your next project.  Let our team of plumbing experts help you develop a facility maintenance plan that will extend the life of your sewer and storm drain systems.  Contact us today for more information.

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