Do I really need building analytics software?

Every trade show that I have attended as of late is loaded with many flavors of software and cloud solutions that are really enticing. Many of you have had the same experience: energy management tools, building performance, customer comfort scores, predictive analytics, are just a few of the buzz words.



While much of this new software may be a fad, there are some really great solutions out there that may add value to your day to day operations.


Here is how to know if you are ready for Analytics:

  1. You are not ready– If your day to day operation is so complex or tedious that you already do not take time to look at your building management system regularly, adding more reports or dashboards to look at is not right for you and will just be more noise. You are already ignoring nuisance alarms and emails and choose to only put out fires.


  1. You are ready– If you are hoping to use an analytics platform to prioritize your problems that offer pointed direction with ROI attached, then there are systems readily available that are not just another report, email or alarm.


Here is how to choose:

  1. Ask your controls provider what additional options the BMS you already have can give you. There is a good chance that you can get the results you want with current software.


  1. If you still feel you need companion technology, ONLY choose technology that will help prioritize actionable tasks that achieve energy results, operational results, or most importantly add value to your tenant experience, impacting your cost per square foot. You do not need any more nuisance emails or noise.


The good news is that there are great partners out there that can help you achieve this, and the cost per point is coming down exponentially.


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