HVAC Systems in Data Centers

Cooling is a constant concern of data centers and server rooms. It is required to keep critical equipment within a safe temperature range 24 hours a day. The large demand for cooling means that incremental efficiency improvements add up quickly.



The growing trend for data center cooling technology includes liquid based cooling, portable cooling and smarter airflow management.

  • Liquid transfers heat much more efficiently than air and can accomplish the same job as an air-based HVAC system with much less work.
  • Portable units are increasingly being used in building server rooms or facilities in areas with mild temperatures.
  • Smarter airflow management’s key is to minimize hot and cold air mixing so you’re not conditioning the same air twice.

Data center managers are starting to catch on to how low the total cost of ownership can be and how their concerns about liquid coolants have been addressed by manufacturers. Good management strategies are at the heart of any cost-cutting initiative.

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