Redesigned—Right on Schedule

Project Name

Managed Care Provider Call Center

Project Location

Duluth, Georgia

Project Team

Owner: Managed Care Provider

Contractor: McKenney’s, Inc.




Commercial Offices


The McKenney’s team provided design-assist services and installed mechanical systems for a new member services contact center in Duluth, Georgia.


The Challenge

Everything about this major project was tight—the space and the schedule. The work area in the existing building was very dense, with minimal space for mechanical systems. The owner was counting on the team to complete the project on time, in order to open this 145,000-square-foot call center serving eight states and the District of Columbia.


The Solution

It was apparent from the start that design changes were needed, which would impact the budget. To address this, the McKenney’s team provided design-assist services to help reduce the construction costs and purchase equipment requiring long lead ordering times. Being brought in during preliminary planning stages allowed the McKenney’s team to assist in redesigning the space — including a unique support structure for the rooftop units.


The Results

Collaboration with the design team mitigated major structural and design issues, allowing the owner to open its new contact center on time and under budget.


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