Meeting Critical, Sensitive Needs

Project Name

Large Data Center

Project Location

Alpharetta, Georgia

Project Team

Owner: Enterprise Data Center

General Contractor: Holder Construction

Engineer: Syska Hennessey Group


Plumbing Shop Prefab

Sheet Metal Shop Prefab


Mission Critical

Central Plants


McKenney’s completed a major data center upgrade— installing computer room air conditioning units, ductwork and plumbing in the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and battery rooms—while maintaining 100 percent uptime.


The Challenge

Installation had to be completed in an active tier 4 data center in the UPS and Battery rooms. Existing systems had to remain operational at all times. With no space for lay-down and material storage, all pipe fabrication had to be completed outside the building in order to adhere to the owner’s security standards.


The Solution

Piping was prefabricated off premises, which alleviated concerns about brazing fumes in the building and reduced crew size in tight areas. McKenney’s also developed detailed methods of procedure and back-out plans for all critical work to ensure seamless operations and zero downtime.


The Results

Prefabrication and precise planning allowed the team to effectively manage and meet the project’s timeline. McKenney’s experience working in and around active data centers gave the owner confidence that the expansion wouldn’t interfere with critical operations.


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