Does Your Building’s Plumbing System Need Attention?

Is your plumbing system a ticking time bomb waiting to explode? In my years of experience in this industry, one thing has become very clear to me – people do not think about servicing their plumbing systems until it is too late. Their reasoning is: when everything is running the way it should, why should they budget for something that isn’t broken?


Why is it that the majority of commercial buildings have some sort of preventative maintenance on their HVAC pumps, but when it comes to a lift station pump system that is constantly pumping solids, grease or any other debris down the drain, the building managers seem forget the lift station pump exists?  Nowadays I am having too many conversations that start with, “If only we had caught this 2 days ago…”.


Think about an HVAC system – it is a closed system that the public does not have direct access to, yet building management still understands the importance of keeping the system well lubed. On the other hand, a sanitary lift station takes constant abuse, and building management has little control over what gets put in to the drain lines. A majority of commercial building managers hope that the lift station will be out of sight, out of mind and hope for it to work quietly and continue to do its job without any issues. However, preventative maintenance on plumbing systems is just as important as preventative maintenance for your HVAC system. Common problems we see that turn into major nightmares for any building are: lift station neglect, break-room drain lines (especially if there is a garbage disposal), any drain line that has the potential for grease to get in the line, booster pump systems, and storm drains. If not maintained or at least visually inspected, serious damage may arise and incur extremely high repair costs.


Tips for Your Plumbing System

Know your system and watch for out of character habits within the system. Lift stations, booster pumps, water heaters, backflow preventers (inside the building), and any other piece of equipment especially if not on a maintenance program, should at least be part of a daily walk-through. Take notice of changes and catch major problems before they become destructive.


How Can We Help?

At McKenney’s, we build strong relationships by being a solution provider, not just a responder. We help you determine if a preventative maintenance program is right for you and advise ways to monitor your plumbing systems to make sure you don’t become a victim of a plumbing system nightmare through neglect.


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