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Project Name

Monarch Plaza Plant Controls


Project Location

Atlanta, Georgia


Project Team

Owner: Highwoods Properties, Inc.

Contractor: McKenney’s, Inc.



Commercial Offices

Central Plants


McKenney’s completed a major upgrade of central plant controls for Monarch Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia.


The Challenge

Monarch Plaza’s existing controls hardware and software were inefficient and underperforming. McKenney’s needed to upgrade to the latest energy efficient Tridium™ N4 BAS central plant controls in this occupied building while making no missteps or disturbing employees.

The Solution

While the existing system remained operational, McKenney’s installed the new Tridium controls and then removed the obsolete control system. They then recreated the plant sequence of operations and traced and verified all controls end devices while transferring to the new system.

The Results

Monarch Plaza now has the latest cutting edge controls that allow for future expansion. Alex Bruce, Senior HVAC Technician for Monarch Plaza Towers said, “This was a complex controls project and McKenney’s, working jointly with other contractors, brought the most to the table. They’ve gone over and above on this major project to get the job complete. We could not ask for a better team.”.

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