McKenney’s Injury & Illness Prevention Process (I2P2) – An Umbrella Philosophy for Keeping our Employees Safe

McKenney’s Vision is a ZERO Incident Safety Culture!


How will we achieve this?

  • By continuously Evolving our Safety expectations
  • By being Accountable for our plans & actions
  • By Improving our processes and procedures across the company

We believe all workplace incidents are PREVENTABLE.  This centers on:

  • Fostering safe decisions by our employees
  • Proactively controlling hazards in the workplace
  • Developing a behavior-based Safety culture, whereby we utilize predictive analytics to prevent or reduce incidents and their resulting injuries

 The McKenney’s Injury & Illness Prevention Process (I2P2) is illustrated by six strategic segments, all equally important.  These six objectives constitute the framework from which we execute our Safety program. A concise overview is listed below:


  • Safety Absolutes
  • Safety Mission
  • Leadership, Responsibility & Commitment
  • Development of Safety Objectives
  • Safety Disciplinary Process
  • Compliance



  • Employee Responsibilities
  • Engagement & Participation
  • Site-Specific Safety Meetings
  • Employee Communication
  • Reporting



  • Hazard Assessment
  • Injury Trend Analysis
  • Safety Checks
  • Industrial Hygiene Assessments
  • Procurement Process
  • Incident Reviews: Root Cause Analyses (RCA)



  • Correction of Hazards
  • Management of Change
  • Subcontractor Controls
  • Emergency Preparedness



  • Instruction, Awareness & Competency



  • Performance Audits / Continuous Improvement
  • Management Review Procedures
  • Recordkeeping, Document Control & Records Retention



We consider no phase of our operations more important than Safety.  I2P2 acts as an “umbrella”, covering all other policies and procedures, and sets the expectations for Safety across our business — at job sites, shops, and offices alike.


Have a question for our experts? Leave your comment below and check out our website for more information. For more information about our safety culture, visit our Capabilities page here.

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