Pooling Resources Quickly

Project Name

Georgia Aquarium Sea Lions Exhibit Renovation

Project Location

Atlanta, Georgia

Project Team

Owner: Georgia Aquarium, Inc.

General Contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC

Subcontractor: McKenney’s, Inc.


Building Information Modeling

Sheet Metal Prefab


Science & Technology

Entertainment & Media


Working efficiently, quickly, and quietly, McKenney’s participated in a renovation of the sea lion exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium.

The Challenge

McKenney’s had to adjust quickly when a proposed sea turtle exhibit was redesigned as a more complex sea lion habitat. With construction delayed during the redesign, the team had even less time to complete the project before opening day. About 40 McKenney’s tradesmen worked long hours in an occupied building with cramped work areas and limited onsite storage. They transported materials from a nearby location and worked quietly to avoid disrupting the animals in neighboring exhibits.


The Solution

The team worked diligently to develop quality submittals to avoid costly rejections. Items with long lead times were prioritized, so they were available when needed. Crews worked two shifts and overtime schedules to make up time. Two project managers coordinated from the field to manage workloads and maintain schedule adherence.


The Results

The renovation was completed in about six months, and the exhibit opened on time.


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