Keeping an Eye Watch on the Industry: Johnson Controls’ Merger with TYCO

Systems Integration & ControlsAnyone in the building automation industry will tell you that technology is moving at the speed of thought. Most people tend to focus on the “big four,” which are Johnson, Trane, Honeywell and Siemens. Whenever any of these parties makes a major play, the whole industry asks two questions, what is going on and what does this do to our business?


As thought leaders in automation, we are always looking at market trends and prognosticating as to what the future may be. The merger between Johnson Controls and Tyco lends itself to further proving that the whole industry is preparing for the internet of things. Johnson and Tyco have paired for a two-fold reason: 1. Increased specialty market share in both Europe and China and 2. To solidify a hodgepodge of disparate systems, making way for even more systems to “talk” to each other in both the residential and commercial marketplace.


This merger will set the stage for what the marketplace will become, as smart HVAC, smart fire, smart lighting and smart security are formally and officially merged into a single platform. Johnson’s ability to do this well will also raise the bar in the industry as we all look to single pane of glass style systems.


Information for this post retrieved from Forbes and Johnson Controls.


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