Helping Building Owners Comply with Atlanta’s Energy Efficiency Ordinance

Piedmont ParkWith the recent implementation of its Energy Efficiency Ordinance, Atlanta has become the first city in the Southeast to adopt a comprehensive policy to significantly reduce energy use in commercial buildings. McKenney’s, Inc., the Southeast’s most trusted name in facility construction, operation and maintenance, is working closely with building owners and operators to help them meet the new standards set by this ordinance.


City of Atlanta’s Commercial Energy Efficiency Ordinance

The Atlanta City Council unanimously passed the ordinance, which was authored by the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, in April of this year. The energy efficiency ordinance is focused on improving the energy performance of commercial buildings in the city.


“The City of Atlanta projects that the ordinance will drive a 20 percent reduction in commercial energy consumption by the year 2030 and reduce carbon emissions by 50 percent from 2013 levels by 2030.”


More information about the ordinance can be found here:


Energy Efficiency Ordinance Requirements

Beginning July 20, 2015, the ordinance applies to all commercial buildings 50,000 square feet and larger. After January 1, 2016, it will apply to commercial buildings 25,000 square feet and larger. The two main components to the ordinance are:


  • Energy and Water Benchmarking: Energy and water data for the building must be benchmarked in the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® and reported to the City at least once a year.


  • Building Energy Audit: Every ten years, the same building will need to have an energy audit completed, targeting the base building systems.


McKenney’s Energy Services

McKenney’s supports environmentally responsible strategies that can help reduce a building’s energy consumption. Their Energy Services team can help companies meet the new standards set by the City of Atlanta Energy Efficiency Ordinance through the following steps:

  • Benchmark – Track your data in Portfolio Manager
  • Analyze – Examine current data against optimal performance scenario
  • Compare – Compare building performance with your peers
  • Plan – Improve operational performance over time


McKenney’s can help building owners of the designated buildings benchmark and report to the City their properties energy use annually. Learn more here


McKenney’s is dedicated to green building practices and takes pride in helping their customers build and retrofit building systems to improve energy efficiency and conserve natural resources. They have established an impressive portfolio of LEED-certified projects, including their own corporate headquarters in Atlanta. McKenney’s was named one of Atlanta’s and Charlotte’s Best Places To Work by the Atlanta Business Chronicle and the Charlotte Business Journal, respectively. The company continues to offer top services at every stage of a facility—from Design and Build to Manage and Maintain.


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