Validating Energy Savings

rsz_cobb_galleria_centre_007_-_exterior_-_vertical_entrance_and_road_-_phMcKenney’s assessed, repaired and upgraded mechanical equipment and controls at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Challenge

The over 320,000-square foot meeting and convention center had equipment and controls that were nearly 20 years old, and the documentation on the building control systems and device specifications was outdated. McKenney’s had to carefully coordinate the yearlong work schedule around ongoing shows, meetings and conferences.

The Solution

The McKenney’s team examined the existing control system and performed tests to verify operation of controllers, devices and sensors. The analysis determined that nearly 200 mechanical and control related items required attention—ranging from minor issues like  sensors out of calibration to critical issues like non-functional dampers. McKenney’s bdoc® ValidateTM was installed to confirm energy savings following the repairs.

The Results

The work done has enhanced building control and conditioning. Approximately $125,000 in energy savings has been realized through bdoc Validate and a two-year ROI is expected.


About Matt Norman


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Matt Norman is the director of Energy Services at McKenney’s and is responsible for our energy-related management, engineering and commissioning teams. He regularly consults with building owners and managers who are seeking measurable energy efficiency gains through equipment right-sizing and advance system controls. Along with other notable projects, Matt’s portfolio includes the Duke Energy Center—the first-ever LEED® Platinum-certified commercial office building under the LEED Core & Shell rating system.

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