Upgrades Paid for by Energy Savings

Building Performance SolutionsSupporting an energy-service performance contractor, McKenney’s developed and installed several energy conservation measures (ECM)—including new domestic hot water (DHW), heating hot water (HHW) and HVAC systems.


The Challenge

The facilities had existing steam boiler plants, chillers and HVAC equipment that had to remain operational during the ECM upgrades. A plan was needed to tie in the new systems without incurring service interruptions in high security, limited access work areas.



The Solution

During project development, McKenney’s provided design/assist services to advance a phasing plan to meet facility requirements and avoid service interruptions. Temporary services were provided when facility interruptions were unavoidable. Components for the DHW, HHW systems and rooftop units for the HVAC systems were prefabricated including boiler/pump skids that could be quickly installed—to minimize the team’s time on premise.


The Results

McKenney’s installed the ECMs with minimal downtime and increased HVAC performance levels while reducing energy costs. Startup, commissioning and owner training resources led to a clean project close out.


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About Tony Trentini

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Email Address: tony.trentini@mckenneys.com

As Profit Center Manager, Tony is responsible for business development, sales and execution of turnkey design build projects in the SE USA. Acting as a prime subcontractor to ESCOs, Utilities, and A&E firms, Tony's focus is on implementation of energy driven "paid for out of savings" projects in the industrial, federal, state and local marketplace. His team also supports many general contractor customers on design build and design assist procurements in this market.

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