Confined Space in Construction Standards

safetyOn August 3rd, 2015, OSHA’s new Confined Space in Construction standard became effective.  Under 29 CFR 1926.Subpart AA, there are significant changes that help ensure multi-employer worksites have more thoroughly planned for, and implemented, tactics to conduct safe permit-required confined space entries.  Some key changes include:

  • Requires the designated “competent person” for confined spaces to perform a jobsite evaluation on all sites that could have confined space hazards;
  • Imposes specific requirements for the exchange of information with affected workers before they enter into confined spaces;
  • Compels contractors to perform continuous air contaminant and dust monitoring in confined spaces;
  • Imposes a requirement that affected employers coordinate emergency response services before workers enter into confined spaces; and
  • Changes the definition of “Isolation” to “Isolate or Isolation” and includes an employer’s use of physical barriers to prevent contact between workers and physical hazards inside confined spaces

The standard has specific role, responsibilities, training, monitoring and rescue requirements outlined in the following sections.  This is a brief outline of some of the key sections, however, it is not a complete listing of all sections in 29 CFR Subpart AA:

  •  General Requirements: 1926.1203
  •  Permit-Required Confined Space Program: 1926.1204
  •  Permitting Process: 1926.1205
  •  Entry Permit: 1926.1206
  •  Training: 1926.1207
  •  Duties of Authorized Entrants: 1926.1208
  •  Duties of Attendants: 1926.1209
  •  Duties of Entry Supervisors: 1926.1210
  •  Rescue and Emergency Services: 1926.1211
  •  Employee Participation: 1926.1212
  •  Provision of Documents to the Secretary of Labor: 1926.1213

For more details as respects the new Confined Space in Construction standard, please visit the OSHA website at (OSHA’s eTool also available through this link):

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