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Helping-Protect-What-Matters-MostMcKenney’s completed an HVAC overhaul for an Assurant office tower, replacing a chiller plant and the supporting air handling units (AHUs) with no building downtime.


The Challenge

The insurance provider needed to remain operational while a rooftop chiller plant and AHUs on each floor were replaced. The mechanical room had significant space constraints for the chiller plant and new AHUs had to be dismantled to fit through 36″ doorframes. The building also required a complete controls retrofit to increase visibility and energy savings.


The Solution

Using a crane over two consecutive weekends, McKenney’s demolished the existing chiller plant, then staged all the new material, including prefabricated piping, for delivery to the roof. Mezzanine level walls were removed, then rebuilt, to accommodate the new equipment as it was installed. During multiple weekends, the team also carefully organized the new AHUs breakdown, delivery to each floor, and reconstruction in the shortest amount of time.


The Results

The new chiller plant, AHUs and system controls were successfully installed with no disruption to Assurant’s building occupants.


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