Job Well Done—Ahead of Schedule

McKenney’s installed a 900-ton air-cooled chilled water plant and associated distribution system for a new 1.5MW data center in Alpharetta, Georgia.

The Challenge

Turning an abandoned warehouse into a 20,000-square-foot data center was no simple task given the aggressive schedule. The McKenney’s team had to contend with limited space under the facility. Careful planning and coordination was essential to avoid losing capacity from reduced airflow to the computer room air handler (CRAH) units.


The Solution

Leveraging BIM capabilities, the team coordinated mechanical and electrical services to maximize heat rejection capacity at the servers. McKenney’s prefabricated most of the chilled water plant, connections to the major pieces of equipment and distribution piping. Concurrent operation ensured the piping systems were installed as soon as the structure was ready, minimizing field installation time to meet the compressed construction schedule.


The Results

A seamless start-up, and commissioning accelerated the turnover of the Peak 10 data center to the owner.


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Matt Rothwell manages the Critical Systems group at McKenney’s, which specializes in data center projects ranging in size and complexity with a focus on renovations, expansions, and greenfield projects. Matt, a graduate of Georgia Tech and former McKenney's co-op, works with his team to cultivate existing and new relationships through the development and implementation of energy savings strategies.

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