Precise Coordination and Execution

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Precise-Coordination-and-ExecutionMcKenney’s upgraded and enhanced cooling tower operation to improve system performance and lower energy costs at a nine-floor hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina.


The Challenge

The cooling tower had to be replaced with minimal disruption to the hotel and guests. The project required expert planning, precise coordination of the sub teams and continual communication with the hotel’s management to remain on schedule.


The Solution

To ensure a timely completion, the McKenney’s team created a logistics plan and execution strategy that ensured all materials and labor were on site as needed. They also worked with the hotel’s corporate controls team to pre-cool common areas prior to shut down, and then flushed large volumes of outdoor air in as needed to help keep temperatures at acceptable levels. In addition, a tower isolation redesign has eliminated future cooling disruptions by allowing one area to remain operational while other areas are being serviced.


The Results

Increased cooling tower performance has reduced tower make up water and resulted in lower utility bills. On-going monitoring is projected to reveal further cost savings.


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  1. I totally agree when you said that cooling tower products and repairs would have to be done without affecting the guests that much in a hotel. In that case, the company should probably hire the best people for the job to ensure that there will be no downtimes for the property. It will definitely leave a good impression to the guests or clients of issues that can be addressed while still giving people the comfort they need.

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