Navigating Safety Obstacles

Navigating-Safety-ObstaclesDespite tough safety issues, McKenney’s successfully installed roof top units along with a chilled water supply and return pipe system at a medical center kitchen.


The Challenge

Piping had to be carefully installed through the boiler plant, into a crawl space with asbestos warning labels, up through the floor and across the ceiling of the main switchboard room into the kitchen. New roof top units (RTUs) were very large and heavy. During the RTU installation lift, extreme precision was needed as there was only 18 inches of rigging space clearance.

The Solution

The McKenney’s team conducted pre-work hazard analysis and training to keep the job moving and installers safe. McKenney’s, the general contractor and the engineer developed a crane lift plan for the RTUs. Supplemental structural supports were added and equipment was relocated to facilitate a safe installation.


The Results

The project was completed safely with minimal schedule adjustment or additional costs, giving the medical center owner confidence they had selected the right provider.


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