Dashboards: Helping Facilities Operate More Effectively and Efficiently

EnergywithwordsCan you imagine driving your car without a dashboard? Why should facility operators drive their buildings without a dashboard?


Your facility deserves an online energy management application to understand and manage energy cost, consumption and carbon footprint across your property portfolio. A good dashboard tool makes the building’s metrics visible, so users can quickly reveal the answers to four key business questions empowering your team to take action, reduce energy and save money.

  • How are my buildings doing?
  • Are they getting better or worse?
  • Where are my opportunities to save money?
  • Have my previous improvement investments paid off?


Most dashboards are online, a software as a service (SaaS), web-based technology. They require no additional software, hardware on in-house support. Users simply log in to their own customized dashboards via a website to view accurate, current metrics.

What should you be looking for when shopping for an on-line dashboard?

  • Utility data management- All utilities, monthly in graphical and tabulated form
  • Energy dashboard- Cost, consumption and carbon data monthly per square foot
  • Individual buildings and roll-up of portfolios- View data and information for each building and entire portfolios
  • Energy reporting- Review and share data and determine where capital investments are needed for the greatest ROI
  • Energy benchmarking- Comparing properties and creating peer benchmarks for pre- and post-audits on capital and operations investments
  • Historical trending- Utility rates or consumption spikes or drops
  • Energy alerts- Pop-up screen icons to locate anomalies
  • Energy forecasting and budgeting- Forecast energy consumption and costs up to 12 months in advance, based on past key indicators and future trends
  • Capture changes- Denote operating changes, project improvements and other significant events
  • Weather normalization- Isolate the weather impacts on building performance
  • ENERGY STAR® integration- Set up and/or maintain your property information every month


You and your building’s owners deserve a deeper look into the overall performance of your building. Gaining insights to your energy utilization will help you to take action and improve your energy consumption and get you on the path to improving your building’s performance.


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