CNBC Explores Hackers’ Next Target: Facility Control Systems

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Fred Gordy, technology evangelist of our Enterprise Intelligence Group, joined Cylance’s Michael Schell and independent cybersecurity researchers Billy Rios and Terry McCorkle to discuss the threat of cyberattack through facility control systems.


Check out the full article: Hacker’s next target? Maybe your facility’s control systems.


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  1. More secure building automation is becoming more and more important.

    Specifiers and Integrators need to change their status quo and select products based on what they deliver and not because the product is part of their existing partner lineup.

    We have all seem the paragraph in specifications that goes similar to this;

    Accepted Manufacturers
    Brand A
    Brand B
    Brand C
    “or equal”

    This is nonsense and poor planning. Brand A-C may have serious issues with secure communication in some or all of their product lineup. Usually the bigger brands are the slowest to adopt change.

    What does this mean? It means a control system should be a multi-vendor solution based on actual qualifications.

    The reality is most often specifications I review throughout the US do not have a proper goal set in regards to communication and system hardening.

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