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Energy management can be complex, especially when managing energy cost, consumption and carbon footprint across property portfolios. McKenney’s bdoc® Validate™ makes it simple by turning countless numbers into true building intelligence.


bdoc Validate, powered by EnergyPrint®, is an online energy management application designed by—and for—commercial property professionals who want to validate all necessary monthly utility energy data in order to help find, track and prove savings. Our dedicated service team provides complete data management, making the tool a low-cost, administrative-free solution.


Numerous features make bdoc Validate the superior partner in today’s energy marketplace:

  • Utility data management
  • Energy dashboard
  • Energy reporting
  • Energy benchmarking
  • Historical trending
  • Energy alerts
  • Energy forecasting and budgeting
  • Capture changes
  • Weather normalization
  • ENERGY STAR® Integration

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