Waterside economizer systems

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Extremely well-suited for cooler climates, a waterside economizer system is a great way to capitalize on natural cooling to reduce or offset your energy consumption during cooler months. to learn if this system is right for you.


What is a waterside economizer system?
A waterside economizer system helps your HVAC system take advantage of the outdoor air conditions to reduce the building cooling load, or the cooling capacity needed to sufficiently cool the facility. When conditions are right and the wet bulb temperature outside is below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, this system will take the necessary steps to operate in the economizing mode—including bypassing the chillers, utilizing the cooling tower plant to produce cold water, and turning off fans-reducing the amount of energy needed.


How does a waterside economizer system help you save?
While in economizing mode, less mechanical energy is required to meet the cooling needs of the facility. This type of system can reduce chilled water plant costs by up to 70 percent* simply by using outside air temperature to cool the water supply instead of relying on chillers, which use significant amounts of energy.


Tips, tricks and considerations
A waterside economizer system is best suited for buildings located in areas with more humid climate and outside wet bulb temperatures dip below 55 degrees Fahrenheit for at least one-third of the year. This is also ideal for those facilities that require controlled humidity levels and limit the amount of outdoor air being introduced in the interior spaces, including laboratories, hospitals, museums and data centers.


For more information on waterside economizer systems, contact our Energy Services team. Our experts will find the best solution to fit your building’s unique needs to help reduce your energy consumption and increase your savings. Download our Energy Services brochure to see our entire range of offerings.

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