IoT Predictions for 2019

office space occupants

office space occupants

IoT is growing at an exponential rate including vehicles, wearable gadgets, RFID sensors and software advanced past basic function. These advancements will be more commonplace in our homes, businesses and on the road in 2019. Here are five IoT predictions for the coming year and anticipate their impact.



  1. Overall Growth Across the Board
    • Around 3.6 billion devices connected to the Internet are used for daily tasks. In 2019, there will likely be a bigger push for 5G Connectivity due to more data and more traffic on an already congested internet.
  2. Deeper Penetration on the Manufacturing and Healthcare Industries
    • IoT is a key driver of digital transformation in several industries, specifically manufacturing. The number of connected devices in the manufacturing  industry will double between 2017 and 2020.
  3. Increased Security at the End Points
    • Hardware manufacturers are building specific infrastructure to be more physically rugged and secure. Security vendors will start to offer endpoint security solutions to their existing services to prevent data loss, give insights into network health and threat protection, include privileged user control and application white listing and control.
  4. Smart Common Areas in Cities Around the World
    • In 2019 we will start to see smart areas or neighborhoods within cities. Smart sensors around the neighborhood will record everything from walking routes, shared car use, building occupancy, sewage flow, and temperature choice 24/7. Once the model is perfected it could be the model for other smart neighborhoods and eventually smart cities.
  5. Increased Market Penetration of Connected Smart Cars
    • There are more possibilities with IoT inside the car for 2019. Now vehicles have a connected app that shows up to date diagnostic information about the car. With IoT, technology users will have the ability to check tire pressure, oil level, fuel consumption and many other things.

These are only a few IoT predictions for 2019.


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