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Automatically Bill Tenants for After-Hours HVAC Usage.

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With Building TENANT, property managers can ensure precise monitoring and control of after-hour usage, eliminating the need for manual tracking and reducing the risk of billing discrepancies. The seamless integration with your building's HVAC and automation & control system empowers you to manage tenant requests for after-hour services effortlessly. 

This innovative solution not only automates the activation of equipment based on tenant needs but also streamlines the billing process, providing transparent and accurate usage data for each tenant. Building TENANT optimizes energy efficiency and operational costs by leveraging real-time monitoring and automation while enhancing tenant satisfaction. 

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One of the key advantages of McKenney's Building TENANT technology is that it is control system agnostic. McKenney's Building TENANT is not tied to any particular control system or platform, integrating seamlessly with any automation and control system in the market. Building TENANT was specifically developed to be applied across different control systems, regardless of their underlying technologies or architectures. This allows for flexibility and interoperability without requiring major modifications or adaptations. Compatibility between different automation & control systems makes it easier to integrate, allowing one system to be easily transferred or adapted to another. 

As a property manager, one of your primary responsibilities is to ensure your building's HVAC system operates efficiently. Depending on leasing agreements, tenants frequently require space usage outside their normal schedule. Tenants can request or directly create an exception schedule outside of normal usage through the McKenney's Building TENANT app, so their space remains comfortable when needed. This enhances tenant satisfaction by providing flexibility in space utilization and empowers property managers with an efficient tool to maintain optimal HVAC system performance. 


McKenney's Building TENANT technology eliminates human error and ensures precise calculations based on actual data direct from occupants. This level of accuracy with your tenants minimizes the potential for disputes or misunderstandings, offering transparent and reliable billing statements to establish trust and assurance with your tenants. This technology goes beyond accuracy and provides real-time insights into occupancy patterns, enabling proactive energy management and cost optimization. With the ability to anticipate usage trends, property managers can implement strategic measures to enhance overall operational efficiency.


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Manual billing processes often result in undercharging or missed billing opportunities. With Building TENANT, you can accurately capture and bill tenants for every instance of after-hour usage. The system can apply customized rates or charge predefined fees, maximizing revenue potential. This level of control and accuracy in billing allows you to optimize revenue while ensuring fair and consistent charges across all tenants. 

Utilizing McKenney's Building TENANT for after-hour usage billing improves accuracy and revenue and saves valuable time and resources. With automated tracking and reporting, you can significantly reduce the administrative burden associated with manual billing processes. Your staff can focus on more strategic tasks, such as tenant relationship management and property maintenance, improving overall operational efficiency. 

As a property manager, you need scalable solutions that adapt to growth and change requirements. McKenney's Building TENANT technology for after-hour usage billing offers flexibility, allowing you to customize rates, generate reports, and scale the system as needed. Whether you manage a single office building or an extensive commercial complex, McKenney's Building TENANT can accommodate your property's needs and grow with your portfolio.


Control system agnostic, McKenney's building Tenant technology can integrate with any system in the market to ensure comfort for tenants at all times. Building Tenant offers precise billing, enhances efficiency, optimizes revenue potential, and is flexible in your needs as a property manager. The time and resource savings gained from utilizing McKenney's Building Tenant will enable you to focus on core responsibilities and improve overall operational efficiency.  


Measuring After-Hours Tenant Usage

McKenney's created an after-hours tenant usage platform to help property managers easily track and manage tenant requests for after-hour services.