Service Relationship Paves the Way

McKenney’s leveraged its Building Services Division (BSD) relationship to perform a central plant replacement at a commercial office center.


The fully occupied, 52-story building with a critical data center needed new cooling towers, chillers, chilled water pumps, condenser water pumps and a building automation system installed without disrupting building operations. Although BSD had serviced the structure for years, the Engineering, Construction and Automation & Control Solutions (ACS) teams were brought in to perform the job.


The proven relationship that BSD had with the property manager opened the door for the other teams. McKenney’s first planned several weekend shutdowns to freeze piping and cut in new isolation valves for the installation of equipment. Then they disassembled the chillers and set up rigging equipment to lower the chillers through the loading dock floor and into the building. All equipment was installed on holidays and weekends to minimize disruptions and prevent additional shutdowns.


The job was successfully completed—strengthening McKenney’s solid relationship with the property manager.

Project Name

Premier Commercial Office Building Central Plant Replacement


Atlanta, Georgia 30303


Owner: Global Pulp & Paper Company; Global Life Insurance Company
General Contractor: McKenney’s, Inc.
Property Manager: Jones Lang LaSalle
Engineer: Conway & Owen
Contractor: McKenney's, Inc.

  • Design/Assist
  • Energy Management
  • Pipe Shop Prefab
  • Central Plants
  • Commercial Offices