TSYS Global Headquarters

McKenney’s replaced and installed cooling towers and SWUD units for a global provider of payment options located in Columbus, Georgia.


The McKenney’s team had to replace four cooling towers and twenty-three existing SWUD units with minimal disruption to daily operations. Like many other companies, employees returned to work back in the office. The customer had to relocate departments from floor to floor as the McKenney’s team replaced the units. As a result, work on the the407,000 square-foot building had to be completed on a very tight timeline, with little room for delays.


The team used modular Trane SWUDs to get inside the building with minimal disruption. The team created a strict schedule and, with weekly look-ahead planning, identified and reached significant milestones. Pre-fabricating systems in our on-campus fabrication shops simplified tasks in the field and reduced installation times. Through aggressive manpower loading, prefabrication, and strategic project planning, McKenney’s met the customers’ goals.


The McKenney’s team facilitated the return of the customer’s employees to in-office work by safely and quickly changing out the units. Replacement of the units alleviated the customer’s concern for unexpected system malfunctions. In addition, the new modular units are highly efficient and have significantly improved the customer’s daily operation.

Project Name

TSYS - SWUD and Cooling Tower Replacement


One TSYS Way Columbus, GA 31901


Owner: TSYS
General Contractor: CA South, LLC
Subcontractor: McKenney’s, Inc.