Low Temperature Ductwork for QT Kitchens

McKenney’s utilized double wall foam filled ductwork at QT Kitchens to eliminate sweating in a critical food processing area.


Just as McKenney’s began rough-in work for QT Kitchens in Georgia, the owner halted the project because ductwork in a similar food processing facility was sweating and dripping moisture. To avoid the same problems, new airtight and waterproof ductwork was requested.


To maintain a 40°F temperature, 28°F air delivery is required. To address the low temperature air and eliminate sweating, double wall ductwork was specified. The interior wall was comprised of 304L stainless steel to prevent deterioration from moisture and galvanized steel was used for the exterior wall. The team left a 2-inch gap between the layers and filled it with freshly poured polyurethane foam insulation that expanded to fill the space. The system was assembled on site and lifted into place.


The ductwork is airtight and waterproof. It has worked flawlessly, and the owner has experienced no issues with the revamped system.

Project Name

QT Kitchens


2720 East Clayton Drive., Ellenwood, Georgia 30294


Owner: QuikTrip Corporation
General Contractor: The Conlan Company
Architect: McFarland Davies Architects
Engineer: SSR, Inc.
Contractor: McKenney's, Inc.

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