Lab Installation Cools Concerns

McKenney’s assembled and installed a modular lab with customized HVAC conditioning equipment and more for a federal laboratory.


The Challenge

A federal agency required an enclosure that could maintain precise conditions—within tolerances of ±0.2 °C temperature and ±0.5% relative humidity—for highly sensitive experiments. In an existing building with limited square footage, the McKenney’s team had to coordinate and manage design and installation for several trades outside the typical scope of mechanical contracting to complete the lab.

The Solution

As the prime contractor, McKenney’s completely designed, built and installed the mechanical, plumbing and controls systems. The McKenney’s team also created a coordinated schedule to manage a wide range of subcontractors for electrical, fire protection, epoxy flooring, ACT ceilings, cabinetry and doors. Project management and equipment designers met regularly with building owners, engineers, agency personnel and others to monitor progress and revise the schedule as needed.

The Results

The climate-controlled laboratory enclosure was completed on-time, on budget and met all the tenant’s exact tolerance specifications for the facility while minimizing the impact in the existing occupants of the building.

Project Name

Federal Laboratory Renovation


Atlanta, Georgia


Owner: Federal Agency
Prime Contractor: McKenney’s, Inc.