Keeping an Eye on the Ball

McKenney’s installed a wide variety of mechanical systems and controls at a North Carolina university’s new state-of-the-art football stadium.


McKenney’s and joint venture partner Superior Mechanical Systems managed a complex systems installation for eight concession buildings as well as a ticket office, field house, commissary and press box. The concession buildings were constructed with block concrete masonry walls and the plenum space above the ceilings of the field house and press box were extremely congested. There was also no on-site storage.


To maintain the schedule, the McKenney’s team brought all the materials to its warehouse to sort and deliver to the site as needed. A full-time person monitored concession building wall construction to help place wall block outs as needed. Building Information Modeling was used to ensure accurate installation in the field house and press box.


Delivery of materials went smoothly and accurate modeling insured the project was delivered on time and met the budget goals.

Project Name

University Football Stadium


Charlotte, North Carolina

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