Innovative SWUD Solutions, Forging New Partnerships

McKenney’s recently completed a project to replace SWUD units in a five-story office building in Charlotte, as the existing units were approaching the end of their service life. This project presented a unique challenge as it was the first SWUD installation in Charlotte with a new manufacturer, United Cool Air (UCA), and the first installation of a UCA product in North Carolina.

As a vendor-agnostic company, McKenney’s presented multiple options to the customer, explaining the differences, and offering professional opinions to ensure all questions were answered. With sourcing and supply-chain issues affecting parts availability, the team aimed to provide options that would make future maintenance easier, without being subject to using specific manufacturer’s products which tend to be more expensive and have longer lead times.

Once the customer selected UCA as their preferred product, the McKenney’s team traveled to the manufacturer to observe the equipment testing before it was disassembled and shipped out. UCA also sent a technical engineer to offer assistance during installation. The first four SWUDs were transported through the service door and up an elevator, while the final SWUD required the use of a crane to move it onto and off the rooftop.

Disassembling the original and installing the new SWUDs achieved on-time completion in just five weeks with zero safety incidents.  McKenney’s and UCA’s successful collaboration showcased the importance of effective communication and teamwork when working with a new vendor. By fostering a strong partnership built on transparency and a commitment to excellence, McKenney’s and UCA were able to overcome the challenges associated with implementing a new SWUD option in a new market. This experience laid the foundation for future projects and demonstrated the value of cultivating long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with innovative manufacturers in the HVAC industry.  As a vendor-agnostic company, McKenney’s remains committed to presenting customers with the best possible options, ensuring that they receive the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for their unique needs, regardless of the manufacturer.

The Challenge

  • Offering different SWUD options and recommendations to the customer.
  • Executing the project with a new SWUD manufacturer
  • Transporting equipment to each floor and the rooftop

The Solution

  • Offered options that would make future maintenance and repairs easier.
  • Traveling to the manufacturer to observe equipment testing.
  • Coordinating demo and installation from the service elevator and a crane lift to the roof.

The Results

  • McKenney’s commitment to ensuring customers receive the best possible options
  • Strengthened relationship with our new vendor through effective collaboration
  • On-time completion in five weeks with zero safety incidents
Project Name


Charlotte, NC


Owner: Foundry Commercial
Subcontractor: McKenney's, Inc.