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Building SENSE is a cloud-based building automation and analytics platform that integrates with your existing building's HVAC and automation & controls system. The platform is designed to leverage advanced analytics data gathered by the facility's building automation system, enterprise platforms, asset management systems, and other management applications associated with the facility. Building SENSE seamlessly collects and analyzes data from various building systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and security, to provide insights and actionable recommendations for improving building operations.

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Round-The-Clock Visibility & 

Real-Time Monitoring

Ensure proactive facility management by leveraging continuous monitoring of your building’s HVAC automation & controls systems. With McKenney’s Building SENSE analytics, you can identify and address potential issues before they become a problem. Property managers can gain access to current and historical data, allowing you to identify trends for informed decision-making and efficient building operations.


Customizable Reporting & Dashboarding

Property managers can quickly access critical building information effortlessly through customizable reports and analytics dashboards, minimizing the need for extensive browsing. McKenney’s Building SENSE allows property managers only to view the data and analytics that matter—enabling efficient data retrieval and decision-making.


Comprehensive System 


McKenney’s Building SENSE analytics allows users to monitor any point in any system every day, providing 24/7 insights into building operations. Property managers gain a comprehensive understanding of how their building is operating, and the ability to make more informed decisions, streamline processes, and enhance efficiencies throughout your facility.


Boost Tenant Comfort

McKenney’s Building SENSE puts your data to work to increase tenant comfort, reduce complaints and improve tenant retention.

  • Know your tenants’ comfort level before they do—monitor temperatures in spaces more effectively and efficiently while improving overall comfort.
  • Proactively identify faulty equipment and sensors to address issues before they impact tenants using data-driven analytics.
  • Develop custom reports, alerts, and alarms to deliver priority information to you and your team, helping to minimize response and repair times.

Reduce Your Costs

McKenney’s Building SENSE pinpoints where issues occur within your building automation & controls system so property managers can act immediately.

  • Continuous commissioning of your system through automated fault detection and diagnostics. Building SENSE can work with your current systems you already have in place and your existing investment in data.
  • Minimize operational expenses and overall energy costs by prioritizing recommendations, improving system function and operation, and extending the life span of your equipment.
  • Perform root cause analysis, observe costly operational offenders and outliers, and quickly remove inefficiencies that building automation systems are not set up to capture.

Maximize Operations

McKenney’s Building SENSE lets your facility management team focus on the top priority items with minimal training and onboarding.

  • Monitor and analyze data from any point in any system every day from anywhere with WiFi, giving property managers insight into operations 24/7.
  • Move to a predictive maintenance approach, reduce time to respond to and investigate problems, and minimize the requirement for constant facility presence.
  • Access data from multiple, standalone systems in one centralized platform that builds on your team's current experience and requires minimal training.

Building SENSE is an innovative cloud-based platform that enhances building management through advanced analytics and real-time monitoring of your systems. Integrating with your existing building's HVAC and automation & controls system, building SENSE offers property managers the ability to boost tenant comfort, reduce costs, maximize operations, and make more informed decisions.


Building Data at Your Fingertips

McKenney’s created a replicable, expandable facility data tracking solution for Cousins Properties, an Atlanta-based real estate investment trust, to help them easily visualize operations and performance and access real-time data to monitor conditions.