Partnering with a company who understands your needs and your business is crucial for any project. Our experience over the last six decades gives us the ability to provide unique solutions tailored for projects in all types of markets. So whether you’re building a healthcare facility, renovating a data center or anything in between, McKenney’s is the right choice to help make your project a success.

Picture of a commercial office building

Financial Services

Large office renovation


Commercial Offices

With millions of people working in commercial offices across the country, providing comfortable, productive environments is crucial for businesses of all types and sizes. Hundreds of commercial office projects have given McKenney’s the experience and expertise to understand your unique needs and offer the right solutions for your project. We provide cost-effective, energy-efficient systems to increase productivity for everyone—including your building.

Our Experience

Commercial offices, corporate campuses, tenant space build-outs, interiors and special projects, renovation and mechanical system retrofits, LEED® and ENERGY STAR® certified projects.

Picture of a hospital emergency room entrance

Piedmont Newnan

State-of-the-art expansion



Healthcare facilities depend on complex and interconnected systems that operate reliably and with precision. With over six decades of hands-on experience, McKenney’s is your full-service provider of industry-specific mechanical systems and automation and controls. We understand the critical nature of your healthcare facility and its dynamic needs, ensuring the success of your day-to-day operations—now and for the life of your facility.

Our Experience

Hospitals, medical office buildings, outpatient centers, clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, research facilities.


Large Data Center

seamless Systems Upgrades


Mission Critical

Mission critical facilities are at the core of all successful businesses, supporting the flow and storage of essential data and information. If the mechanical systems that support these facilities stop working—your business is compromised. With more than 2.5 million square feet of data center space completed, McKenney’s has the experience needed to help you design, construct, expand and maintain your critical facility. Choose McKenney’s today for your mission-critical needs and protect the future of your business.

Our Experience

Data centers, call centers.

Picture of the dome of the US capitol building

Warner Robins Air
Logistics Center

Critical turnkey operation



Building and renovating government facilities can be complex. In addition to more general requirements, these projects are affected by energy mandates, which require you to reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, maintain high productivity, and use less fossil fuel—all with fewer resources. Since the 1990s, McKenney’s has been specializing in innovative, turnkey solutions for energy-consuming systems in government facilities of all types across the Southeast. We provide proven analytical, auditing and retrocommissioning expertise along with superior engineering and building information modeling (BIM) capabilities to help you meet energy mandates.

Our Experience

Military bases, correctional facilities, VA hospitals, office buildings, dining halls, barracks, hangers.

Picture of students walking downstairs

Dining Hall

LEED Gold® campus renovation



Educators know that every student’s learning experience is unique, but one thing is true for everyone—a healthy, safe environment is necessary to succeed. Since the 1980s, McKenney’s has provided some of the top names in education with environments for success while making the most out of every education dollar available. We ensure that all systems meet students’ and teachers’ needs during peak hours and also maintain energy efficiency and indoor air quality standards around the clock. With McKenney’s on your side, it’s easy to make the grade.

Our Experience

Labs, student centers, classrooms, theaters, gymnasiums, assembly spaces, cafeterias and kitchens, libraries, auditoriums.



Tailored Office Renovation


Corporate Campuses

Today’s corporate campuses are more than just places to work. They connect different business units under one roof and offer amenities that can increase employee satisfaction and build a strong company culture. Currently serving over 30 corporate campuses, McKenney’s has the experience to provide tailored solutions for your unique needs. Let us help you create the right environment to boost productivity for your corporate campus and your employees.

Our Experience

Commercial office buildings, conference centers, assembly spaces, cafeterias, workout facilities, training centers, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, campus-wide system service.

Picture of a lab technician collecting samples

Carbon Neutral
Energy Solutions lab

Sustainable lab systems install


Science & Technology

Conducting cutting-edge research to find tomorrow’s cures and technologies requires flexible yet precise environments. McKenney’s will help you meet these needs with reliable systems to maintain optimal temperatures and humidity levels for facilities that typically include both laboratory and clean room spaces. We ensure that protective automation and controls for these complex systems are fully commissioned and operating as designed so you can focus on changing the world—one discovery at a time.

Our Experience

Labs, clean rooms, research facilities, life science, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical processing, high containment labs (BSL-3, BSL-4, potent compound), biomedical facilities.


McCamish Pavilion

Innovative arena construction


Public Assembly & Places of Worship

Public assembly spaces and places of worship depend on reliable mechanical systems to comfortably accommodate large numbers of people and diverse environments with ever-changing occupancies. McKenney’s is your full-service provider of reliable, efficient systems that do just that. With experience at some of Atlanta’s most recognizable landmarks—including Georgia Aquarium, Philips Arena, Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre and Fox Theatre—we have the expertise needed to ensure optimal system design and performance for the life of your venue.

Our Experience

Churches, stadiums and arenas, aquariums, theaters.


1010 midtown

Coordinated systems install


Mixed-use & Multifamily

Creating the ideal environment is important for any facility, but this becomes even more challenging when a facility is used by many people for many different needs. Over six decades as a full-service mechanical provider gives McKenney’s the expertise to tackle the minute-by-minute challenges that come with your mixed-use or multifamily facility. We build and integrate mechanical systems that suit the unique needs of each building area, providing greater flexibility for your occupants and optimal energy consumption for the environment. Choose McKenney’s and make your facility a home sweet home.

Picture of the Fox Theater in Atlanta

Fox Theatre

Major historic renovation


Historic Preservation

Historic buildings often take on lives of their own, so doing any repairs or upgrades provides many unique challenges. The goal is always to preserve as much of the original character as possible while making the building safer and more comfortable for generations to come. As a company with a rich history, McKenney’s understands the need to preserve the past while preparing for the future. Our teams are dedicated to finding the best solution for your building’s needs—even if that means looking to non-traditional solutions.

Our Experience



Macy's® pilot project

Energy monitoring
system upgrade



From wedding dresses to groceries to power tools, a big part of shopping is the experience itself. People need to feel comfortable and relaxed to enjoy the experience, meaning your facility’s environment can make or break a sale. Since 1948, McKenney’s has been a full-service provider of reliable, efficient systems for all types and sizes of retail facilities. With McKenney’s on your side, your customers will be comfortable, ready to buy and keep coming back for more.

Picture of industrial silos


Multifaceted facility expansion


Central Plants

As the mechanical powerhouses of facilities, central plants depend on reliable, complex systems that work together seamlessly to meet the needs of your facility. Backed by over six decades of experience, McKenney’s has the expertise needed to design, build and maintain a wide range of central plants, including air cooled and water cooled, and their systems. With energy conservation and your bottom line in mind, McKenney’s is the right choice for your facility.

Our Experience

College campuses, healthcare facilities, manufacturing facilities, places of worship, data centers, sport arenas.


The Omni Nashville

Coordinated New Construction



Providing the ideal “home away from home” for hundreds of guests is no small job. But with McKenney’s on your side, it just got easier. Years of working alongside some of the major names in hospitality have given us the hands-on experience needed to understand and meet your unique needs and specifications on time and on budget. Partner with McKenney’s today, and let us take care of you while you take care of your guests.

Our Experience

Mid- to large-size international hotel chains.

Picture of arches

QT® Kitchens

Specialized system revamp



Industry relies on the ability to deliver quality at a high productivity level. To make sure your facility is running at top speed, your systems must operate seamlessly and efficiently around the clock. With over 30 years of experience in the market, McKenney’s is the top choice for your industrial project needs. From manufacturing to industrial food processing to advanced technologies production, we have the experience needed to provide the right solutions for your project. Choose McKenney’s, and your systems will be ready when you are.

Our Experience

Manufacturing, food processing, advanced technology, pharmaceutical.


Project zebra

Creative data center install


Entertainment & Media

The right environment is crucial for setting the stage. From television to radio to major motion pictures, broadcasting and media facilities need to seamlessly integrate the latest technologies into reliable systems that can operate around the clock. Over four decades, McKenney’s has completed more than 100 entertainment and media projects, providing us with the expertise to ensure that you’re focused on your event, not our systems. On-time and on-budget delivery means that your facility is ready for its close-up whenever you are.

Our Experience

Film studios, television and radio stations, recording studios, specialty broadcast facilities.


Government Facility

Turnkey Solution Saves Energy


Performance Contractors

As an energy service company (ESCO), it is important to find the right team for your performance contracting project. With experienced conceptual estimators and in-house energy and engineering experts, McKenney’s is the ideal partner to help create ECMs, designs and cost estimates while developing the project. From self-performance of all trades—including controls—to our NEBB-certified start-up and commissioning teams, we provide the quality installation, turn-over, maintenance and monitoring to keep all systems running optimally for the full life of the project. Let us help reduce risk and optimize your next "paid from energy savings" project.

Our Experience

Central energy plants, correctional facilities, healthcare facilities, data centers, educational facilities, federal, state and local government buildings, biomass plants, landfill gas, heat recovery.