Protecting the Environment,
One Project at a Time

McKenney’s is dedicated to the health of the environment on our own campuses and on the projects we’ve helped build across the Southeast. From responsible building practices to commissioning services to energy-saving systems, we are environmental stewards through and through.

How green is our campus?

When it comes to going green, we practice what we preach. We use the same expertise at our corporate campus in Atlanta that we share with our customers. Our facility acts as a prototype where we design and test innovative energy-efficient techniques that can help you operate more sustainably. Designed to protect the environment and provide a healthy place to work, our campus is a perfect example of how helping the environment is good for everyone.


During construction,
over 75 percent of the
on-site waste produced
was recycled or reused


Our headquarters is
18 percent more efficient
than a typical office
building of its size


Our rooftop solar
panels cover 13 percent
of our expansion's
energy consumption

Working towards a greener future

Here are some of the green efforts and technologies we’ve implemented on our own campus and on projects across the Southeast that are helping preserve the environment and make our communities better places to live.

Energy Use Monitoring

While implementing sustainable practices is important, tracking their impact is critical to find new ways to reduce our impact on the environment. At our Atlanta campus, actual energy use is monitored and compared to computer models to promote optimal performance throughout our building. Measurement and verification of system performance is ongoing, helping to minimize energy costs and environmental impacts of all systems over the lifetime of the building.

Rooftop Microclimate

Buildings can have a big impact on the surrounding ecosystem, including raising overall temperatures. To combat this, we installed a white roof to reduce the “heat island” that occurs with darker roofing materials. We also installed rooftop unit coil spray systems, which reduce the temperature at each of the unit condensers. This minimizes the amount of energy dispensed, helping the units run more efficiently.

Rainwater and Condensate Harvesting

These days, water is in high demand, especially in the Southeast where droughts are common in the summer months. To help offset our water usage, we designed and installed a rainwater and condensate harvesting system. Rainwater is collected from our roof top and conveyed to one 6,000-gallon and two 10,000-gallon tanks. Condensate recovered from the rooftop air-handling units is also collected in the storage tanks for use around our campus. Read more about our rainwater and condensate harvesting systems.

Indoor Environment

Environmental responsibility doesn’t stop with the outside of a building. That’s why we do our part to create a healthy, sustainable indoor environment for our employees and our guests. We use high-quality air filtration systems, localized exhaust systems and carbon dioxide sensors to keep our indoor air quality healthy. Individual task lights and daylighting controls promote a balance between productivity and energy efficiency. In our bathrooms, dual-flush toilets, sensor operator faucets and waterless urinals help us use 45 percent less water than a typical building. To further minimize our impact on the environment, we recycle glass, plastic, paper, aluminum, cardboard and raw material from our office and shops.

Rooftop Solar Panels

Solar-generated electricity is a key element in our country’s quest for sustainability and can help us conserve resources and reduce regional pollution. To do our part, we installed over 200 roof-mounted solar panels to capture natural sunlight. Connected directly to our power grid, these solar panels produce more than 70,000 kW-hours of electricity for the facility each year, helping us to offset part of our overall carbon footprint.

Campus Amenities

Part of the green campus experience is offering more than just a place to work. We added a workout room inside the building and tennis courts, basketball courts, and a walking/running trail onsite, making it unnecessary to spend money, time and fuel driving to a gym facility. Our on-site deli provides healthy meal choices and opportunities for socializing. For those who go the extra mile for the environment, we added 44 preferred, designated parking spaces for those carpooling or driving low-emission, fuel efficient vehicles.

EPA-Classified Brownfield Site Remediation

At our Atlanta headquarters, environmental responsibility started from the ground up—literally. We remediated an EPA-classified brownfield site by removing underground petroleum storage tanks and contaminated soil. We also added an impervious surface to eliminate erosion and seven bio-retention ponds to capture and filter storm water.


McKenney’s was awarded the 2011 LEED® Showcase Award in the "Beyond LEED" category at the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Environmental Awards event (now E3 Awards). Given to recognize those taking sustainable, environmentally sound practices to the next level, this award demonstrates our dedication to preserving the environment.