Cooperative Education at McKenney’s

We believe future leadership starts in the classroom. That's why we partner with the co-op programs at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Southern Polytechnic State University and North Carolina State University. These programs give students valuable real-life experience while gaining college credits—and it gives us access to experienced future employees. Get started today!

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Building a solid foundation

Partnering with cooperative education programs is part of the McKenney’s history, starting more than 30 years ago with the Georgia Institute of Technology. Since then, many students have completed their co-op programs with McKenney’s, including some of the members of our leadership team. Check out the video to see how Matt Terek, senior vice president of our New Construction division, got his start at McKenney’s through the co-op program.

Why Work with us?

Our reputation is rooted in our uncompromising commitment to quality and success—for our customers and our company. Ongoing employee training, generous benefits and a healthy work-life balance are just some of the ways McKenney’s excels as a culture and a company. Our employees enjoy coming to work each day because they are challenged, rewarded and made to feel like family.