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Kelly Farmer, 62, Service Technician

“What I like most about my job is the freedom to manage myself as I do my job. McKenney’s trusts their employees. There is so much opportunity to grow in your trade and advance within the company. The training provided to the apprentice employees is unmatched in the industry. My advice to those wanting to grow with McKenney’s: Get up early and hit the ground running every day. At McKenney’s you will learn and grow personally and professionally, more than you ever dreamed.”



Corey Whitaker, 34, Service Technician

“McKenney’s is a very special place for many reasons, but at the top of my list is their loyalty to their Core Values. McKenney’s has a relentless dedication to evolve. That being said, what I love most about my job is the fact that it is constantly changing. No day looks the same. I love the fact that my job is extremely flexible which gives opportunity to have a fully involved life outside of work. Safety and well-being is paramount and the training you receive is an instrumental part of not only McKenney’s success but your personal success as well. Magnificent place to not only work, but build a career!”



Fabrizio Garcia, 26, Account Coordinator – Automation & Control Solutions

“My career has been exciting, diverse, and steadily expanding. I love the people I work with and the long-lasting relationships I’ve developed while working here. I also really appreciate the company culture and integrity, as well as the benefits we receive by being McKenney’s employees. In my current role, I enjoy the excitement of having a new challenge every day (not having a set routine to follow) and working with customers. It’s incredible being able to look at the Atlanta skyline and know that we’ve had a major impact in the development and growth of this city (and many others in the Southeast). If you’re looking to build your career with a forward-thinking company that cares about your personal and professional development, then McKenney’s is the place for you”



Anson Patten, 39, Plumbing Service Technician

“My career path at McKenney’s has taken me to some very distinguished sites. A few worthy of highlighting are Suntrust Park, Georgia Aquarium, and 90% of the high-rises in Atlanta.

Every day I look forward to helping our customers. My greatest feeling of accomplishment comes from looking back at large scale projects we’ve completed, which drives my motivation for future projects. The level of respect and quality of work makes McKenney’s so special to me. It’s truly special. McKenney’s is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been employed. For those wanting to work at McKenney’s: maintain your focus, set daily goals, and never be afraid of asking questions.”



Jason Butler, 40, Account Manager – Building Services

“My tenure began as a 1st year service apprentice 13 years ago. I have been recognized for my efforts and given the opportunity to serve as a coordinator, and have since been promoted to Account Manager. The leadership entrusts and supports my decisions to manage internal and external relationships. Employees are given a real sense of ownership with their customers, their jobs, and their contribution(s). McKenney’s celebrates the accomplishments of all its employees. My advice? Be prepared to be challenged. Be willing to accept all challenges as opportunities for improvement of self and of our company. Reward only comes from honest effort and McKenney’s is a rewarding employer who asks only the best effort from the best people. “

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